Project for young professionals
WIUT and TALENTLAB present an exclusive and free career program for students and graduates of Westminster University
Why do you need Ustoz?
You will have the chance to meet and introduce yourself to leading HRD professionals from both Uzbek and global firms
You will enhance your CV and optimize your LinkedIn profile
You will acquire the skills to excel in job interviews and effectively negotiate for higher salaries
You will have access to a private Telegram channel with exciting employment prospects
You will have the opportunity to embark on your own project and make a decision between seeking employment or starting your own business
All of this is absolutely FREE!
of the graduates reported having a clear understanding of their desired career path and the steps necessary to achieve it
Graduates of Ustoz say
received a promotion in their current position
found a new job
founded their own business
The unique "USTOZ" project by Alena Vladimirskaya is an excellent opportunity for young people in Uzbekistan to gain new knowledge and mentorship from professionals in various business and other fields. Thanks to the project, I have acquired new networking connections and expanded my career opportunities. This is not just a project; it's the future of people coming together for development, improvement of professional skills, and gaining new experiences. Here, everyone can share expertise, solve interesting cases, and work in teams. Become better together with "USTOZ".
Ezozkhon Abdusamatova
Human Resources Specialist in Korzinka
I learned about the project by chance. I decided to apply at a time when I was deeply disappointed with my job and wanted something greater. When I was accepted into the Ustoz, I realized that I could engage, strive, and achieve much more for my career.
I began studying, listened to experts, transitioned from my previous job to remote work, and secured a position at an international advertising agency. Later, I found an internship opportunity in Kyrgyzstan. I was afraid I wouldn't be accepted, but once again, the experts and Alena gave lectures that resonated with real-life situations, and I started taking risks.
I embarked on the internship, and returned afterward.Even though the project ended, it gave me the confidence to embrace new experiences without fear. Now I'm moving to another country for further education and will be testing my capabilities there. I hope to return to Uzbekistan as an expert in my field
Feride Makhsetova
Chief Editor at the Publishing House
I gained valuable work experience through real projects, which helped me develop my skills and confidence in my abilities. Additionally, I learned how to effectively collaborate within a team and established valuable professional connections. Participating in the Ustoz project was an unforgettable and inspiring experience that provided me with a clear vision of my future career path
Darya Krutikova
I want to share my experience of participating in the project “Ustoz” organized by Alena Vladimirskaya.

Initially, I joined the project not with the goal of changing jobs, but to reinforce my own knowledge with expert opinions.

This goal was successfully achieved: thanks to offline and online sessions with invited experts, I was able to better understand my strengths and weaknesses.

The project also helped me formulate career plans for the next 3-5 years and identify business segments in which I want to work. Additionally, participating in Ustoz showed me that while working on the coozin.Uz project, I significantly improved my mentoring skills by assisting colleagues in solving emerging problems.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Ustoz is an excellent platform for professional and personal development. I recommend this project to anyone who wants to systematize their knowledge and skills and take the next step in their career.
Artem Arkhangelskiy
Head of the project
Ustoz's main objective is not limited to enhancing managerial skills but also involves establishing a vast community capable of bringing about positive changes. Countless participants have found themselves presented with new skills and opportunities, such as securing more promising employment or earning well-deserved promotions within their current organizations. On a personal level, Ustoz has been a pivotal point in my development. In just three months, I was able to attain the position of Product Owner for credit products at Rauta company, while also discovering new aspects of my personality and showcasing my abilities.
Lagutin Mikhail
Product owner at Payme
At the time the project started, I was in search of a job. The image of the company I wanted to work for before, and my role within it, differed significantly from what became my goal after the Project. What changed? "Career path," which was just a combination of words, transformed into a specific and clear objective. All of this happened thanks to the Ustoz People: each participant shares unique practical experience within the Uzbekistan market.
Viktoria Vitko
Budget controller at Beeline
Ustoz is a unique career development program, the equivalent of which is absent in Uzbekistan. It's an excellent way to enhance skills and broaden networking opportunities, regardless of one's career stage. It facilitates the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, introduces individuals to new connections, and provides fresh prospects.

Thanks to the mentorship of experts and the finest HR professionals in the country, I was able to cultivate strategic thinking within myself and began viewing business processes from different perspectives. This ultimately had a positive impact on my advancement within the company.
Nozim Pulatov
BDM - Gatter Group
The "Ustoz" project for me is not just an initiative, but a unique opportunity that promises to bring significant changes into my life. In this project, I see a chance not only to develop my current skills but also to build a successful career in the future, considering the prospects for 3, 5, and 10 years ahead. The support I've received from the project has allowed me to better understand my abilities and direction, define career goals, and develop an action plan that will help me achieve desired outcomes.

A particularly important aspect of the "Ustoz" project is Alena Vladimirskaya’s initiative in nurturing young talents. The opportunity to communicate and interact with experts from large and rapidly growing companies has enabled me to learn through practice, extracting valuable lessons from the experiences of successful professionals.
Dias Abdurakhmanov
This project helped me analyze my situation, understand whether I was in the right position, and most importantly, taught me how to take on new challenges.

From the very beginning of the learning process, I voiced my questions to mentors and invited experts, and we broke it down into components and discussed them during subsequent sessions. With each set of answers to my questions, I gradually assembled the "puzzle". "Success in one's career is not just about hard skills," as one of the mentors said. I was a bit skeptical about it back then. However, now I am convinced that to achieve substantial career growth, it's essential to possess soft skills that can lead you to sought-after positions.

At the end of the program, I received an offer for a position I had been pursuing for a long time. It was challenging to leave my first job – the team that provided me with that valuable initial experience. In the end, we came to the decision that I should continue my journey and try something new.

The one who walks will conquer the road! And with "Ustoz," you'll gain a companion who will support you on this path!

Allaberganov Sarvarbek
Data Analyst at Uzum Nasiya
How will the project proceed?
All qualified participants will be added to a private Telegram channel. Telegram channel will offer access to broadcasts and masterclasses hosted by industry experts. Additionally, there will be opportunities to attend face-to-face gatherings and participate in business-oriented activities, which will take place on Sundays.

Our experts:
Bakhrom Ravshanovich Mirkasimov
Rector of WIUT
Sofia Gaynutdinova
HRD Beeline
Head of Personnel and Administration
Uzcarlsberg LLC
Khasanova Komila
Head of Talent, Culture & Inclusion Uzbat
Alena Vladimirskaya
The most popular headhunter in Russia
Journalist, Linear Producer of the "DNA" program on the federal channel NTV
HRD Murad Buildings
Olga Park
HRD Nurlikum mining
Omarova Yulduz Allabergenovna
Head of the Human Resources Department at the IT company "Fido-biznes" LLC
Human Resources Business Partner at "Asakabank" JSC
Oksana Lyndina
Director of the HR Policy and Personnel Management Department at “Kapitalbank”
Deputy Head of the HR Department at Enter Engineering
Director of the Human Resources Department at "Texnomart" LLC
Central Asia Distribution HRD
Madina Uralova
HR Expert in Labor Code
Katerina Kravtsova
HRD Uzum Bank
During weekdays, the work is conducted through a private Telegram chat, while on Sundays, there are in-person gatherings that involve workshops and business games.
This is an absolutely FREE project. You have no obligations and can leave the project at any moment.
Project starts in September, 24 and ends November, 26
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